Torsdag 10 januari 2019

WoD #1:
6 minute Tabata
Alternate between
20 s Double Unders OR Single Unders AND
20s Plankan


8 Rounds
8 OH Lunge Steps (Rx 25/15kg Weight) 
8 Burpees + jump up to bumper plate (Jump up to same weight as OH Lunge)
8m OH Lunge Steps
8 Chest to Bar Pullups/Pullups

Time Cap: 24 minutes


WoD #1:
4 minute Tabata: Double Unders OR Single Unders
(Score is lowest round)


16 Min AMRAP:
6 OH Lunge Steps (5-15kg)
6 Burpees up to plate
6m OH Lunges
6 Pullups OR 6 Ring Rows