Lördag 13 oktober 2018


10-10-10 OH Squats @ 40-50-60% 1RM

Rest 60-90s between sets 

Choose between:

1. 8 Minute Tabata Rower for Calories
2. 8 Minute Tabata Assault Bike for Calories
3. 8 Minute Tabata 7m Shuttle Runs


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

1 Rope Climb OR 2 Down and Ups
10 Pushups
10 GHD Situps OR Weighted Situps with Med Ball


Par WoD

Share in teams of 2: One works one rests

Pullups (Or Ring Rows)
Thrusters (15-30kg)
Burpee Box Jumps

Then: Run 200m with 1 Medicine Ball (together)

1 Round
40 Wall Balls (Rx 9/6kg)
40 KB Swings (Rx 24/16kg)
40 Goblet Squats (Rx 24/16kg)

Then: Run 200m with Med Ball (together) 

Burpees over Partners
Push Press (15-30kg)
Partner Situps with Medicine Ball

Then: Run 200m with Medicine Ball (together)

Time Cap 35 minutes